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Life’s not a big thing…in fact, it’s a million little things.

Like that slightly longer second your eyes caught his, the moment you decide to finally kiss, the little note someone left which made your day, or your grandma’s biscuits recipe that brings back childhood memories. The precious item from home that you hold on your trip around the world, or the one odd number you picked that day which made you win the lottery (or not…again).

At AMILLIS, we’re committed to bring you precious items. Little things that elevate your day. Whether it’s the bracelet your mum gave you that brings you the comfort to start your day, the one piece that makes you sparkle when going out for a party or the stylish necklace that gave you a tiny bit more confidence during that interview where you landed the job.

Our pieces are made with love and selected with care. AMILLIS brings you casual style jewelry to compliment your outfit of the day, every day.

Happiness is a million little things.
Happiness is wearing jewelry.

With love,


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